GMEA District V HS Honor Jazz Band Audition Materials

The following materials will be a part of your application to participate in the GMEA District V HS Honor Jazz Band (May 3rd/4th). Please follow the steps below!

Record and post 1 video link of the following excerpts to the designated area on the application form. All video submissions will be evaluated by an outside judge.

Part 1: Chromatic Scale (showing YOUR full range). Tempo and pattern is your choice.

Part 2: Excerpts from A Warm Breeze by Sammy Nestico. Click each instrument to view/print the excerpt. Perform bracketed section only.

Part 3 (Optional): Perform the head tune and 12 bar solo on Billie’s Bounce by Charlie Parker using backing track ( Click below to view/print in YOUR correct Key.

*If you are having trouble downloading the excerpt files, please email